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So I Already Fail!

My plan was to follow my list of items for spring. And I failed. For good reason though. Discount, discount , discount. Loads of after Christmas sales continue. I got 60-70% off 6 pairs of Jeffrey Campbells. Hard to resist that, huh? Thanks to my store and web hook-ups they are on there way.



Dead Fleurette and the French Method of Dressing!

So as I've spoken about before, I'm a huge blog addict. I find easily 4 astonishing reads that I mull through for hours until I've read ever single post. It's refreshing to find a blog that are so well thought out. No compulsion involved, but rather carefully chosen outfits, music, artwork and words of inspiration. I look to someday mold my own blog into an aspirational/inspirational piece of work. I have recently stumbled upon a incredible blog, Dead Fleurette! She is proof that simplicity can be easily the one thing that can drive the go green movement, save you money and have you appreciate the little things in life rather than the auspicious ones constantly being feed through pop culture. She herself is an ex-compulsive shopper. I myself would have to say that I use to be that way as well. One thing I have learned is that it is not a necessary life requirement to shop. Though with magazines, celebrity fashion endorsement and the cheap prices of expendable fast fashion it has easily has become the best and worst thing that has happened to the 21st century. Yes, shopping help provide jobs and keep companies in business. However, on the flip side it leaves many women and men too like myself with tons of useless crap in our closets and in our lives. So Ive decided to share with you the Dead Feurette's method of shopping below. Before you read her method, I want to share with you why she has adapted this method and where its inspiration comes from. She decided to start this blog and method after seeing her hard earn money wasted on clothing from fast fashion clothing stores and having them fall apart. She became aware that French women unlike many women in the world have such a keen, tailored and chic sense of fashion. How? Why? The how...is all about saving money. A French woman, as DF mentions, will save for months or years for a coveted Birkin Bag or a lovely Hermes scarf. So women with the lowest of income are able to look chic, by simple having patience and will. The why...is all about being able to look fabulous on any occasion and be able to dress quickly in the morning and not have to worry about having a single garment in her closet that she doesn't wear.

***The following is an excerpt from Dead Fleurette's blog***

The shopping method I’m using this year is the same one I exploited back in fall 2009. It worked out superbly, which is why I’m repeating it. The method is a cross between sticking to a very strict list of items and mindless, haphazard shopping. I have an extensive list – which is regularly amended – of items I consider as wardrobe necessities. I allow myself to buy 4-5 items a season, but only if they are perfect by my standards. I use the list as a basis but I won’t let it dictate the shopping.

I would also make a smaller list of currently available clothes that I'd take into consideration. Then I'd put these items through an extended deliberative process. I like to wait a couple of months before I settle, because the item must be right. Regarding items such as expensive designer bags, I am willing to wait a couple of years before settling. Inevitably, I always end up eliminating 4 of 5 items from the list, so a deliberative process is required. However, some designers don't give much thinking time, e.g. Isabel Marant. In this case, I just have to follow my guts.

Rather than being determined to get hold of certain pieces that I don’t seem to unearth, I will move on to the other items on the list and search for something else that may be available. Otherwise I will end up with items that are completely uninspired or just wrong, only because my list says I have to obtain them or because I try to intentionally fill a gap in my wardrobe.

On a different note: I haven’t covered all the basics yet because I’ve been prioritizing
statement pieces. In addition, I am quite picky about the basics as they must be perfect. This year, I want to focus on the basics because they are pretty much my style as much as they are my foundation. Then again, if I stumble across a special piece of clothing that ticks off all of my requirements, I won’t bypass it. Incidentally, I will not exceed the limit of 15-20 items a year. Nevertheless, what are the odds of finding 20 perfect basics in a year?

Last but not the least, I have to stop settling for second best. Once second best, always second best. I know that sooner or later I’ll regret and resell the item. I once stated, “I want perfection, not fast fashion”, and I’m sticking to my statement.

To sum up my musings, here are my shopping resolutions for 2011:
Admire certain garments from afar and face the truth that they will never work for me
Not fall into the list trap
Give in sometimes to unpredictable finds
Go with my instinct more and quell the over thinking
Focus more on the basics
Not exceed the limit of 15-20 items a year
Stop settling for second best

For starters you have to purge. Get rid of everything you haven't touched in months first and putbthem in a pile. Second look at items that you love and think to yourself will you wear this 5 years from now and will this last 5 years from now. For those ypthat are a yes hang them back up and tossnthe no's in the pile. Then repeat with shoes, purses and other pieces. Afterwards, sell the pile of clothing on EBay or go to Crossroads Trading Co. or Buffallo Exchange and score some cash or trade.

Next start thinking of pieces you have always wanted, keep in mind you want to kow what your stule is and what is practically for the life you live, work and play in daily.

DF creates a collage and list of 4-5 items she needs in her wardrobe.

She crosses them off as soon as she attains them and of course there is room for error, she occasionally will change her list when she finds something better.

Her mantra is simply put: I want pieces that I will wear and love many years from now.

As experiment I will be attempting to adopt this method with my own collage/ list of 5-10 items for Spring. (5 would be really hard for me..so I made a range)

It's tough limiting yourself to five items let me tell you...it took me weeks to create ,my list. But I'm pretty excited about it.

My Style:
I've classified my style as eclectic. Very V. Westwood, Rick Owens and Rag & Bone inspired. I will dress like V. Westwood when I am as young as her (wink, wink)

My Basics: My shoes and blazers. You have to ask yourself...when I leave my home I the morning I'm most comfortable and stunning wearing.... To many the word basic may be jeans or tee, but every girl is different.

Your basics will be the focal point of your list.

Please take note of things you have a steady stock of. I.E. jeans, knits, jewelry etc...
More than likely these items won't appear on your list.

Though I went over tips for getting the most of your shopping experience. This is even more extreme. Leave your money/ card at home if you arent planning on buying an item on your list. (of course have some emergency cash on you. Emergency =food and travel money)

My List:


And Good Luck!

9:00 o'clock

From morning to night always making moves.


"Hey the 70s called and they said they want their shoes back!"

So apparently the trend all 20 somethings will be wearing this year will be inspired by the 70s. Commence the sheer tops, crop tops,hot shorts, any thing patent, bell bottoms, platforms and drugs. Though many fashionistas weren't born in such a sharp and edgy fashion time, here are some footwear ideas to be on trend this season.

And if you are looking for some styling ideas look to these ladies for inspiration. I seriously don't want to wear pants this year.


New direction

So I recently got inspired by an awesome blog:


Oroma is the creator and photographer for Pop Africana. Which is justly highlighting the vast fashion, pop culture and creativity of Africans. Being part African myself, I think its important that I embrace both my American and African culture. So one of my hopes is to start highlight some of my favorite African designers here on my blog and open up an avenue for others to be I inspired and see bustling creativity that has been coming out of Africa.

Cute little snippet from Oroma's blog
An admirer to me: what must I do to see you naked Oroma,
I wrote to him: Sweetheart, read my blog. My words have unclothed me a while ago, how could you not notice.

I love the power of sentences or a photo. I tend to archive things that make me cringe, cry or laugh...I have this uncontrollable urge to keep folders upon folders on my desk top. I just ever want to forget the power of those words and images. And I always try to relive the moments that they make me cringe, cry or laugh... Is that strange?

This is a picture that Oroma took. Insanely incredible. (Yes double I alliteration.)

This is a picture of Oroma. She is so chic and stunning. I hope one day to meet her.




I remember hating the corny patrititic t-shirts on the 4th of July. However, Betsey Johnson just renewed my patriotism. Loving these Betsey Spring 2011 shoes. Super fun.


So if I had $1300 bucks in my bank account!

If I had 1300 dollars to blow.

Ever since I saw Kim Kardashian rocking these I've lusted after them. Now that they are attainable to everyday folks...no way could I blow that chunk of change. Unless I planned on staring for weeks...hmm maybe I should say months.

Not worth that price....especially since I can't think of many events I could wear them too.

Save That Money Honey!

So I, as many people out there who surf the web and have millions of bookmarks of their favorite clothing sites and blogs. I of course have about 300 of my favorite blogs(list) to come soon. And just like middle school and high school, the fashion blogging spree can be very much a game of looks. However, looking good doesn't necessarily spending 1000s on an outfit. Of course this argument has been made before however, I want to offer some creative tips to look good for a lower amount of money.

1. One of my favorite fashion bloggers is Vintage Virgin. She is proof that putting in a little time and thought in your post can reward awesome statement pieces as well as a full wallet. She single handily created her on version of the mui mui printed mary janes that were every where last year. She also got supper crafty with plaster and vintage chunky heels and recreated the Charles Anastase/ Jeffrey Campbell inspired Lita. (credit for the original diy:Christeric

Moral:Learn how to use a glue gun, plaster and recreate the most daring shoes on the runway.

2. I promised myself on Christmas when I received my awesome sewing machine that I would seriously learn how to sew. I know a bit....but I want to graduate to the advance level and eventually be able to almost exclusively where what I create. What really got me motivated was stumbling two very dynamic self taught fashion gurus: Laquan Smith and Twinkie Chan. (love her name) Laquan Smith taught himself to sew, landed a internship at black book, snuck into shows at fashion week and single handily has designed for Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Serena Williams. (Just to name a few) Fun Fact: he never went to college or a design school. Hard work,
confidence and passion can really pay off. Twinkle Chan is another person who has these same qualities as well. She is self taught and is by far one of the craziest knitters. Bacon and eggs x knitting equals magical. Her whimsical designs incorporate at least one food from the major food groups and completely fun and wearable.

Huge shout out to bloggers Luxirare and Indecorous Taste. They continually shut down the fashion game with their unique one of a kind pieces. Luxirare actually creates her on leather, faux fur goods and is an amazing cook. Check her out: luxirare.com. Indecorous Taste is an incredible mom and daughter team, they create and refurbish home goods and create some banging heels as well. Check them out here: id-taste.com.

Moral:Grab thread or a ball of yarn & create the next statement piece on the sidewalks.

3. Learn not to be jealous or want out of your means. Of course Gucci,Prada,Louie and Pucci are labels ever girl/fashionista/etc dreams of wearing. But lets face it unless you are rolling in the dough, working multiple jobs or happen to work at those places and have a super duper discount. The best a girl can do is dream. Seeing the great bloggers: Jane of Sea of Shoes or Rumi of Fashion Toast both have a plethora of awesome brands...enough to make a girl do something illegal to obtain the look. A blogger who has fun style as well as a sick array of designer pieces is Jacaqueline of Fashion Snag:. Channel your inner budget hunter, and (cringe) inner recessionista ( I really don't like this word) and channel your ancestors via 20s and start saving, hiding money in your matress and buying what you need. And the cheaper you find it the better. Jacqueline shops a lot at awesome designer outlet sites. Some of my suggestions are: gilt.com / bluefly.com / hautelook.com / theoutnet.com

Moral: Just be yourself and Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time to build your wardrobe.

Parting tips:
-----When going online or in a store....go to the sale first don't look at full price clothes first you will regret it. Plus there are deals and steals hidden in the racks.
-----Go with what you want to spend.
----- Save for a rainy day, don't feel like you will die if you can't have something. Trust and believe something better will come out. Plus setting aside money makes you focus on your long term goals whether they are for clothing or for other investments.
-----Don't spend so much money on cheap clothing. I love F21 as much as the next girl but think about investing in one piece instead of 10. (and you will limit yourself from filling up your closet with things you don't wear.)


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Case of the Mondays

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Fatigue jacket- Urban Outfitters
Grim Reaper Hoodie- Akira Chicago
Jegging-Akira Chicago
Cowboy Boots- Marshalls (for only 15$)

I love when I stumble upon unique pieces, such as these cowboy boots. I love shoes and I'm searching for unique pieces,or shoes n o one would even consider wearing, or something just plain comical. These happen to be one of those pieces. I found them months ago and dug through my shoe closet and threw them on today. One resolution I should have made : shop my closet and wear things besides my everyday work clothes.


Taupe is the new Black

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Thigh Love

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New year, new start

Shirt- h&m
Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell via: solestruck.com

Thigh high socks

Thigh high socks
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Love American Apparel hosiery.


Originally uploaded by shoepornographer
Love Gee Wa Wa!!! Such a sultry, no regrets, no smiles shoe brand. This brand is a loud and deadly threat. Their signature base is a crab claw. It's funky and I must say daring to say the least. Obviously the faint heart, shy or empty pocketed can't afford this gem. They run I the upward 200s and will be coming to solesturck exclusively sometime this month. For now I can just stare and dream. Be sure to check solestruck.com for your daily shoe fix. And also check out karmaloop.com as well...enter in promo code : shoefreak and you will receive 20% off your entire purchase.


Fabandbroke.com----> one of the most inspiring post I have ever read!



The New Year is quickly approaching. It's amazing how fast this year has gone by. I feel like yesterday I was just making resolutions that I was sure I was going to keep. Won't say I got anything I vowed to get done this year but I certainly discovered a lot about myself. That and I learned a lot of lessons.

I won't pretend this year was a good year because it certainly had a lot more downs than ups but it gave me more perspective and made me realize how amazing I am and how much potential I have.

I knew this year was off to a bad start when I got dumped via AIM and left for someone else before sun set on the evening of New Years. It was horrible. I cried a lot. I was heartbroken. I forced myself to go out and hang around drunken marines, watered down drinks and a ton of white people with no rhythmic abilities dancing off beat to shitty music the night before. I spent the night going through motions drowning myself in alcohol upset at the fact that I couldn't even force myself have a good time because all I could think about was him. I was imprisoned in my own thoughts.

January and February proved to be the coldest Winter ever. The Spring wasn't any better and the call on April 29 that changed my life forever. I will not elaborate. Just know, I will never forget that date. It is imprinted on my brain right next to my birth date. This year proved to be my most prosperous year (money wise) and I have nothing to show for it. Absolutely nothing. I didn't give a fuck about much and that really bothered me. I used to have a lot of goals and aspirations but I am lazy. I had no will to achieve anything and I was waking up everyday just to live to exist. That's all I ever do and I am trying to change that. The summer was the absolute worst and I due to my reckless actions, I lost everything. In fact, I almost got fired because I had no will to do my work. I ended up keeping my job due to pity but my boss lost trust in me. I am still working hard to regain this back from him. It is not easy work but things are getting better with time.

In the midst of it all, I found out who my friends were. Fought for someone who wasn't sure of me, held on to something that should have been tossed a long time ago and gained some self confidence. Essentially, I thought needed somebody around to fix my inability to be happy with myself with being alone. I started hanging around a close male friend of mine. He was a Leo like me and our personalities were very similar. He could relate to my situation. He called and we hung out regularly. He was the best friend any girl could ask for. But he just didn't care about me, at all. I soon found out he wanted to fuck and pretended to be my friend and gave me his shoulder to lean on just so he can weasel his way into my panties. He tried to take advantage of me when I was most vulnerable and for that, I cannot respect him. I am still hurt.

I am more hurt by the fact that I was never good enough to be his "friend". I was looked at as a piece of meat. I think I need to reevaluate how I carry myself.

Not even a few months later, I “confided” into her – and her – both of them. They – like so many others – turned their back on me. It was a slap in the face. I probably have no one else to blame but myself for getting hurt so often because from the beginning I always let my guard down and let these wolves in sheep clothing in. She was my everything. One of best friends. I've known her for years. We had history. Made memories. I remember when I got that call, I called her first. I cried to her on the phone for like 2 hours and she just sat there and listened. As she always had. I loved her for that. Our bond was much deeper than the bond I had with my own sisters. I trusted her. She knew all of my secrets. Every flaw, every waking detail of my life. I placed her on a high pedestal. Then she carried me for her out of the blue. The same bitch who secretly hated her guts. I couldn't believe it. I still don't know what I did wrong for her to treat me this way.

A month before he left again; I was in denial about a lot of stuff. All I really had was my dysfunctional family and even they were gone. I was lonely.

I became very depressed for awhile. I hid out in my apartment most of the year. Nothing and nobody interested me. Him and I and her argued a lot. He kept entering and exiting my life. I felt bad for myself.

After my rude awakening during the Summer, I was forced to make a few changes and I stopped selling myself short and allowing people to make me feel as if I wasn't worth anything anymore.

The Fall was much better for me. I joined the gym, started paying off old debt, rediscovered the love of my life, registered for classes (I had dropped out the year before), took more initiative at work and even ran across a couple of great job opportunities. I regret not going on those interviews. I would have been much better financially this moment.

Now it's nearly a new year and I'm certainly not that much stronger but, I do have a lot more back bone. I'm building myself up once again and I feel as though I am where I want to be but in reality, I still have a way to go. Although this year was bullshit, I'm certain that next year holds more promise. Who knows, it may be a breakthrough year for me. But I won't count on it because I say this every year. Ha.