I ordered the Jeffrey Campbell Comma's 2 days ago and the came. :) These babies are tricky to get on and run kinda small! But totally worth it. Beauty is pain right? Snag Your Pair at Karma loop! 



I love Nitrolicious been reading her blog for quite some time now. She just blogged about the Aldo Collab for Spring. So happy that I work at ALDO. So looking forward to the new shoes! I love the Navajo, Boho inspiration.



giuseppe zanotti

giuseppe zanotti

giuseppe zanotti
So the DSquared spine heels became available for pre-order. I'm already plotting what illegal things to do to get them. I would die for them... rather die in them. Ever since Alicia Keys tweeted about them I've been waiting. After BryanBoy interviewed in them I drooled extra hard. I've been itching for these like a shoe addict...extra hard... I NEED THEM. I also need these Giuseppe Zanotti heels I want them so bad. Hopefully in the next 3 months I can have all the shoes on my before I die list. (Jeffrey Campbells before I die list is almost done) PICS COMING SOON OF MY BUDDING COLLECTION.



I couldn't afford the 2007 Chloe Docs so per usual I looked to JC for an awesome translation of that amazing boots! I'm obsessed.  These bad boys are available at Solestruck.com (Save20 code) Saves  you 20% on your whole purchase. 

I also order these bad boys. I've been coveting them for the past week and half since they came out. They sold out at Lori's Shoes so I got them from Karmaloop. Get them asap. They are going quick. ( 2 sites have sold out)




I went to AKIRA, Chicago's premiere boutique, Garden Fashion Show. It was at the fabulous Galleria Marchetti. There were multiple bars and and Akira had an amazing pop-up boutique on location as well. While at the fashion show I was so enthralled by the fashions and shoes of the party goers, I saw this as an astute opportunity to jump start this blog. I skipped the show all together to take pictures. Some people were kinda of astute in my approach asking for press release statements, copies etc... Lucky for me my wit and charm allowed me to overcome those hurdles and wrangle some awesome shots. Chicago has been summed up as wind and snow. On the other hand I've always seen my city of one as the most multifaceted places I've ever been. We have amazing music, food, decent nightlife and a small but budding fashion culture. That was certainly evident last night at the show. 

As soon as I got through the line I spotted one of the employees of the Marchetti with these awesome leather boots. It turns out they are the bottom half of leather pants that she belted around her calf and layered over her stilettos. Hot rodeo CHIC. This screams for a DIY tutorial. Next  

Next  I spotted this girl in the fringe Jeffrey Campbell shoes I've been coveting. They are Available at Akira. (1849 W North Ave, Chicago /122 S State St., Chicago/662 W Diversey Pkwy)

The pop-up boutique was FAB! When I got to try on the new tall Sam Edelman Zoyla boots. I had to take off my yellow Jeffrey Campbell Lita's which I'm currently obsessed with. For the 400 hundred dollar price tag. I definitely think I should get them when they releases them in Akria stores next week (1849 W North Ave, Chicago /122 S State St., Chicago/662 W Diversey Pkwy). They are extremely comfortable and not to mention uber sexy.  

This girl is rocking these F21 Suedette Wedges!

And of course I spotted 4 girls rocking the Jessica Simpson Dany. (I own both colors) This is the cutest I saw it styled. 

F21 Knee High Boots. Also available in a thigh high version. Check out f21.com I got the Thigh High version and I love them. 

Laura is the manager at Akira's Shoe Store on Diversey. I can't remember the brand but they are available at Akira! I love how she paired them with the nude tight. 

I love a guy with nice kicks! Size is never as important as the style. 

My friend was rocking these awesome cut out shoes, look like Rachel Roy's Naima caged heels. (insert pic) We found them for 15 dollars at Wet Seal. 

Love the vintage bolero with these hot nude STEVE MADDEN PUMPS! 

I even ran into my Professor from Northwestern. FABULOUS AS ALWAYS. Best Dressed man on campus hands down. 

He makes girls like me sometimes look like bumbling fools in heels. He was strutting like crazy all around the party. Love his suede boots. 

F21 Boots, Akira Label Cobalt Wedges (Available in Gray and Black),Suede Boots brand unknown, and Report Signature jeweled heels. 


Cowboy boots and Combat boots. Sexy and Sexier. 


Akira Black Label Wedges. 

F21 Daisy printed heels and a MCM CLUTCH! I have this heel in all colors. They were only 30 bucks versus  the super costly Miu Miu 's.


ACNE WEDGES! If this girl wasn't a 6 she would have gone home shoeless. I never got my hands on a pair. At least now I've see them in person. <3

I literally ran in my 5 inch heels to snap pics of these two before they left. HEAD TO TOE FLAWLESS. Love BLACK MILITARY BOOTS.

Me in my leather Marc Jacobs Dress. I being in pictures.

I LOVED HER OUTFIT SO MUCH! Her necklace is from Aldo! Me in my Yellow Jeffrey Campbell Lita's 

Pillbox Hat and Vintage Cape! 

DIVA! Her manager had to approve before I could take a picture. 

For me shoes are the source of authority. They not only offer visual strength but auricular power in the way they click, clank and pounce on pavement and linoleum. I know every girl some what inherently loves shoes and bags. But I live, breathe and work with shoes everyday. My shoe aficionado behavior has gone to such extents that I've beg girls to buy the shoes off their feet and by them a pair to wear home. When a shoe captivates you, it makes your heart murmur and you break into a cold sweat. You are what you wear. Some people don't feel the same but many a great conversation and connections have been made with a killer outfit in heels. I seek to highlight fellow shoe lovers masterpieces and my growing collection of my own. Shoe pornography: noun: the depiction of erotic shoe (as in pictures or writing),the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction  and heavy wallet damage.