New direction

So I recently got inspired by an awesome blog:


Oroma is the creator and photographer for Pop Africana. Which is justly highlighting the vast fashion, pop culture and creativity of Africans. Being part African myself, I think its important that I embrace both my American and African culture. So one of my hopes is to start highlight some of my favorite African designers here on my blog and open up an avenue for others to be I inspired and see bustling creativity that has been coming out of Africa.

Cute little snippet from Oroma's blog
An admirer to me: what must I do to see you naked Oroma,
I wrote to him: Sweetheart, read my blog. My words have unclothed me a while ago, how could you not notice.

I love the power of sentences or a photo. I tend to archive things that make me cringe, cry or laugh...I have this uncontrollable urge to keep folders upon folders on my desk top. I just ever want to forget the power of those words and images. And I always try to relive the moments that they make me cringe, cry or laugh... Is that strange?

This is a picture that Oroma took. Insanely incredible. (Yes double I alliteration.)

This is a picture of Oroma. She is so chic and stunning. I hope one day to meet her.