NY Resolutions!

I am so excited for this new year it isn't even funny. Another year to take charge and live.

10 Resolutions:

1. The most overrated and cliche...workout.
2. Spend less, save more.
3. Vow to post more frequently on the blog.
4. Finish school.
5. Enjoy the tail in of my 20s.
6. Enjoy what I do.
7. Push Snitches further in the new year with the awesome new Chicago and NYC crews.
8. Always tell those around me how wonderful they are.
9. Keep calm in tough situations.
10. And please initial here on 12/31/2011 _____ if you have succeeded.


Dear Me( @31 y/o)

Dear Me,

I hope when you read this that you have gotten more out of life than you did in your 20s. Continue to go with your gut instinct and never be scared about taking risks. Live like a gypsy in your 30s: be carefree, travel around the world and be honest. (remember the night when your bf told you sat up in he middle of the night and you screamed "the road less traveled" take that as a sign as I did and know you need to go the un paved path. I also included a checklist of things I hope you are able to check off on your 31st birthday.

_ You have a passport and have traveled to the one place you have always talked about, Japan!
_ You have finished college in 2012 and have graduated from law school.
_ You have the job of your dreams.
_ You still yearn for more challenges and adventures.
_ You have figured out who are your friends and have reached out to them and continue to show them love.
_ You've re-read your favorite books.
_ You've re-watched your favorite movies.
_ You have a scrapbook started with all your cherished moments so your future children can see one day.
_ You are married to the one who has loved you more than anyone.
_ You will have mended any old wounds.
_ Lastly, you will have smiled the biggest than you have ever smiled before.

Me (@21y/o)



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This might be my favorite gift out of all of them. Happy holidays everyone. I hope everyone had a safe and blessed christmas. Cheers!

Vanity mirror

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Much needed. This is a must must for women. Finally,I have one. Perfect for photoshoots and travel. Thanks Santa!


X-mas gift
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Ironically I haven't worn a lick of make-up in months...it's apart of a savings plan...you wouldn't believe how much women can save if we didnt wear make-up, drink starbucks or eat out...tons of $$$. But I really appreciate this travel make-up kit I can use it on shoots...and it will be neater than all my make-up that I use to have spilled all over the counter.

Sewing machine

Sewing machine
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I'm a sucker for Project Runway and The Fashion Show Ultimate collection..so its only appropriate that my bf aka Santa got me this awesome sewing machine. I've wanted one for a while. Can't wait to start whipping out some cool designs for upcoming photoshoots. And of course to show you all some of the patterns and designs I've come up with.


X-mas gift
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Givenchy perfume. Really excited to wear this. I'm a huge flower bomb fan ...but this might officially convert me... It's mature, sweet and of course has really cool packaging.

A watch to go with the ring!

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Thanks Santa. Great gift.

And of course....

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The one thing I least expected....


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The first thing santa had under the tree was this beautiful diamond ring.


Dany Boy, Dany Boy

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Love these shoes. Just got them in the mail from jessica simpson. There was an an awesome black Friday sale. They were only 69 bucks a piece. I love them. I also have the tan and black as well. Head over their now and get yours. They are no longer 69 they are now 79 a huge savings still! These are timeless I swear. As much as people have blogged and worn them this year I will for sure being these bad boys at least till 2015. That's a promise. You can't go wrong with a dinosaur heel and a t-Rex wedge. Major! I suggest you get danysauraus- rex and terrorize the streets, the mall and any wear where there is a walkable surface.

Shoe Porno