Save That Money Honey!

So I, as many people out there who surf the web and have millions of bookmarks of their favorite clothing sites and blogs. I of course have about 300 of my favorite blogs(list) to come soon. And just like middle school and high school, the fashion blogging spree can be very much a game of looks. However, looking good doesn't necessarily spending 1000s on an outfit. Of course this argument has been made before however, I want to offer some creative tips to look good for a lower amount of money.

1. One of my favorite fashion bloggers is Vintage Virgin. She is proof that putting in a little time and thought in your post can reward awesome statement pieces as well as a full wallet. She single handily created her on version of the mui mui printed mary janes that were every where last year. She also got supper crafty with plaster and vintage chunky heels and recreated the Charles Anastase/ Jeffrey Campbell inspired Lita. (credit for the original diy:Christeric

Moral:Learn how to use a glue gun, plaster and recreate the most daring shoes on the runway.

2. I promised myself on Christmas when I received my awesome sewing machine that I would seriously learn how to sew. I know a bit....but I want to graduate to the advance level and eventually be able to almost exclusively where what I create. What really got me motivated was stumbling two very dynamic self taught fashion gurus: Laquan Smith and Twinkie Chan. (love her name) Laquan Smith taught himself to sew, landed a internship at black book, snuck into shows at fashion week and single handily has designed for Lady GaGa, Beyonce and Serena Williams. (Just to name a few) Fun Fact: he never went to college or a design school. Hard work,
confidence and passion can really pay off. Twinkle Chan is another person who has these same qualities as well. She is self taught and is by far one of the craziest knitters. Bacon and eggs x knitting equals magical. Her whimsical designs incorporate at least one food from the major food groups and completely fun and wearable.

Huge shout out to bloggers Luxirare and Indecorous Taste. They continually shut down the fashion game with their unique one of a kind pieces. Luxirare actually creates her on leather, faux fur goods and is an amazing cook. Check her out: luxirare.com. Indecorous Taste is an incredible mom and daughter team, they create and refurbish home goods and create some banging heels as well. Check them out here: id-taste.com.

Moral:Grab thread or a ball of yarn & create the next statement piece on the sidewalks.

3. Learn not to be jealous or want out of your means. Of course Gucci,Prada,Louie and Pucci are labels ever girl/fashionista/etc dreams of wearing. But lets face it unless you are rolling in the dough, working multiple jobs or happen to work at those places and have a super duper discount. The best a girl can do is dream. Seeing the great bloggers: Jane of Sea of Shoes or Rumi of Fashion Toast both have a plethora of awesome brands...enough to make a girl do something illegal to obtain the look. A blogger who has fun style as well as a sick array of designer pieces is Jacaqueline of Fashion Snag:. Channel your inner budget hunter, and (cringe) inner recessionista ( I really don't like this word) and channel your ancestors via 20s and start saving, hiding money in your matress and buying what you need. And the cheaper you find it the better. Jacqueline shops a lot at awesome designer outlet sites. Some of my suggestions are: gilt.com / bluefly.com / hautelook.com / theoutnet.com

Moral: Just be yourself and Rome wasn't built in a day. It takes time to build your wardrobe.

Parting tips:
-----When going online or in a store....go to the sale first don't look at full price clothes first you will regret it. Plus there are deals and steals hidden in the racks.
-----Go with what you want to spend.
----- Save for a rainy day, don't feel like you will die if you can't have something. Trust and believe something better will come out. Plus setting aside money makes you focus on your long term goals whether they are for clothing or for other investments.
-----Don't spend so much money on cheap clothing. I love F21 as much as the next girl but think about investing in one piece instead of 10. (and you will limit yourself from filling up your closet with things you don't wear.)